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Our Mission

All Things Authentic, Inc. is a non-profit which exists to provide targeted education and advocacy services to marginalized communities.

We strive to ensure all individuals can understand, access, and effectively navigate systems of care, service and education, needed to maintain the overall well-being of themselves and their families.

Our History

All Things Authentic started as a virtual, educational broadcast, hosted via StreamYard, in 2018. This platform was established to provide technical and practical information for individuals navigating through the many social issues in society today. This show was inspired by Sunday Dinners, hosted by Lillie Mae’s family. What is "Sunday Dinner"? Family & friends sit around the dinner table or in the living room after church for countless hours of dialogue and dining.

Lillie Mae decided to introduce her "family" to the world and turn a passion project into a mission-driving, passion-filled non-profit entity. Now, a virtual broadcast with friends and colleagues has evolved into a curriculum-based, community project. 

The Vision

The ATA, Inc. vision is to enhance the general welfare of marginalized communities through the provision of education and information.

The Purpose

The purpose of ATA, Inc. is to support the attainment of self-sufficiency, comprehensive wellness and sustainability, by individuals within marginalized communities through seminars, workshops, entertainment and conferences.

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